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Dr Anuj Gupta

General Physician and Ayurveda Consultant
Director-Mantra Ayurveda

Dr. Anuj Gupta, Chief Ayurvedic Physician at Mantra Ayurveda Serving since 2000, Dr. Gupta specializes in holistic treatments for chronic issues—skin, sexual health, gastro-IBS, pain, anxiety, and diabetes reversal. Your well-being is our priority!

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Dt. Sonal Gupta

Dietician Sonal Gupta

Experienced Nutritionist & Dietitian Choose health every day with our expert! Specializing in Pregnancy, Child Nutrition, Weight & Diabetes Management, PCOD, Cholesterol, Thyroid, and more. Your path to a healthy lifestyle starts here!

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Mantra Ayurveda

Mantra Ayurveda is a holistic & healing care center of Ayurveda, Kerala Panchkarma, for Detox and Rejuvenation along with Diet and lifestyle modifications. We also care for psychological health to restore the balance of body, mind, and soul. Mantra Ayurveda is a blessing & hope to patients who want a practical and Natural approach to all Chronic diseases and lifestyle issues. With the aim of HEALTH TO ALL, we always try to help those in need and away from health for money. We started our herbal products in 2010 to provide the best quality treatment to our patients.

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