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Mantra Ayurveda

Mantra Ayurveda – Anxi-nrv Gold

Mantra Ayurveda – Anxi-nrv Gold

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Embark on a journey to tranquility with Anxi NRVGold, your holistic solution for managing stress and anxiety. Enriched with natural ingredients like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, and Jyotishmati, this blend is meticulously crafted to effectively alleviate feelings of pressure and stress. Elevate cognitive function, address neurological imbalances, and promote overall well-being. The path to mental tranquility and comprehensive wellness begins with Anxi NRVGold, presenting a potent blend of Ayurvedic elements tailored to address concerns related to stress, anxiety, and cognitive health. Make 30 capsules a part of your routine for ₹450, taken with milk for optimal results.


  • Anxiety Relief: Effectively alleviates anxiety, stress, tension headaches, migraines, OCD, and related issues.
  • Brain Tonic and Memory Booster: Acts as a potent brain tonic, enhancing cognitive function and boosting memory.
  • Neurological Support: Relieves and restores neurological deficits, fostering overall mental well-being.
  • Gastrointestinal Harmony: Addresses issues like IBS and gastric dysmotility, relieving constipation.
  • General Debility and Stamina: Enhances general debility and stamina, naturally boosting vitality for overall wellness.

Ashwagandha ext, Khas khas powder, Brahmi ext, Shankhpushpi ext, Jyotishmati ext, Tagar ext, Amalaki Rasayan powder.

Guidelines for Use:- To achieve the best results, consume Anxi NRVGold with milk. Adhere to the suggested dosage in line with established measures and formulations associated with the Ministry of Ayush.

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