Dietician Sonal Gupta

Sonal Gupta, the best Nutritionist and dietitian with years of experience, believes that being healthy is a choice we make every day. Furthermore, she has a clear vision for assisting individuals and corporations in their quest to live healthy lifestyles.

Her specialities include Diet Plans for Pregnancy and Lactation, Child Nutrition, Weight Management, Diabetes Management, Diet in PCOD, Cholesterol Management, Weight Management in Thyroid, and Diet in liver and kidney disorders.

Good nutrition, we believe, is the foundation of good health. She offers personalised diet plans after learning about your medical complications and health issues. Sonal Gupta does not advocate the use of any pills or supplements. She creates individualised diet plans using homemade foods and natural kitchen herbs. It’s been over a decade now. Along the way, nutritionist Sonal Gupta has earned the trust and respect of her patients.


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