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Mantra Ayurveda

Mantra Ayurveda – Shawasamrit Syrup 200ML

Mantra Ayurveda – Shawasamrit Syrup 200ML

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Unlock the holistic herbal solution for cough and allergies with our meticulously crafted syrup from MANTRA AYURVEDA. This unique formula, enriched with potent ingredients like Apamarg, Kantkari, and Vasa, delivers relief for dry and productive coughs, allergic conditions, and respiratory issues. A go-to choice for both adults and children seeking natural respiratory wellness. MANTRA AYURVEDA introduces a potent herbal syrup, combining Apamarg, Kantkari, and Vasa with a blend of other key ingredients. Ideal for dry and productive coughs, allergic conditions, and respiratory ailments, this formula stands out for its efficacy and natural approach. Embrace the benefits, whether you’re an adult seeking relief or a parent looking for a pediatric-friendly solution.


  • effective for dry and productive cough: Apamarg, and Kantkari give Shodhna or Shamna action that provides relief with no sedation or adverse effects.
  • Relief from Allergy Cough and respiratory conditions: Ideal for allergic cough, asthma bronchial and COPD particularly beneficial when combined with warm water.
  • Pediatric-Friendly Formula Ideal for children who suffer with asthmatic pneumonitis or cough because of its herbal components.
  • Support for smokers Cough and Sore Throats that bleed into the evening: Useful for individuals who suffer from a cough due to smoking cigarettes and for soothing sore throats due to allergies.

Usage :

  • For Adults: Take 10 ml thrice daily with warm water.
  • For Kids: Administer 5 ml three times a day with warm water
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